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Participate in activities with static balloons

Free baptism of “tethered hot air balloon”

What is a tethered hot air balloon baptism? It is a hot air balloon tied to the ground that operates in a perimeter for a certain period of time. The hot air balloon is held in place by means of ropes fixed to points (anchors) on the ground, preventing deviations or significant displacements. This activity allows passengers to experience a sensation similar to that experienced in a "free flight" in a balloon, that is, the real balloon flight, without moorings to the ground at the whim of the wind.

This activity, limited to a maximum participation of between 300 and 400 people, has an average duration of 5 minutes. The realization of these activities is subject to verification of the weather conditions indicated in this link, MANDATORY CONSULTATION.

How does participation work?

Online registration sold out. Additional registration phase takes place in person from April 17th at the Tourist Office of each municipality (with limited spaces).

Children aged 5 and over can participate. Children between 5 and 12 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult. People with reduced mobility may have difficulty accessing the inside of the hot air balloon basket.


Check the schedule for activities here:

Alfândega da Fé

26 April 2023


Time: 21:00 to 23:00

Municipal Stadium of Alfândega da Fé

Online registration sold out. Additional registration phase takes place in person from April 20 at the Tourism Office of this municipality (limited places).

Estádio Municipal de Alfândega da Fé.jpeg

Tourist Office - Alfândega da Fé
Address: Estrada Nacional 125, 5350- 017 Alfândega da Fé
Phone: +351 279 462 739

+ information

Tourist Office - Mogadouro
Address: Interactive Tourism Store, Avª dos Comandos, 5200-206 Mogadouro
Phone: +351 279 340 501

+ information

Tourist Office - Vila Flor
Address: Avenida Marechal Carmona, 5360-303 Vila Flor
Phone: +351 278 510 100

+ information

Tourist Office - Torre de Moncorvo
Address: Interactive Tourism Store, Rua dos Sapateiros, 15, 5160-278 Torre de Moncorvo
Phone: +351 279 252 289

+ information

Tourist Office - Macedo de Cavaleiros
Address: Casa Falcão, Macedo de Cavaleiros City Council, 5340-218 Macedo de Cavaleiros
Phone: +351 278 099 166

+ information

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