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Lagos do Sabor and Vale da Vilariça from the air ...

Dream landscapes, a true party of the senses that everyone is looking for and few know that it is just a step away, in the northeast of Portugal...

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During the Sabor & Vilariça Balloon Fest check here for all updates on scheduled activities (confirmations, changes, cancellations, etc.).

Make a note of this address or book the QR code and access when ever you need to confirm important information about the event.

The event

The Sabor & Vilariça Balloon Fest it is an event celebrating an inimitable territory. Aboard hot air balloons, the entire region will be discovered from a very different perspective: from the air.

At the whim of the wind, on unique and incomparable flights, portuguese and international pilots will travel over five days - from 26 to 30 april 2023- contemplate from the air a territory of genuine millennial traditions, a world of unique sensations.


This is an event sponsored by AMBS - Associação de Municípios do Baixo Sabor in partnership with o Porto e Norte Tourism and the main support of Portugal Tourism.


With the first edition of Sabor & Vilariça Balloon Fest  the promoting entities will positively expose the territories of the municipalities that host the event - Alfândega da Fé, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Mogadouro, Torre de Moncorvo and Vila Flor-, making known its fascinating details from a new perspective and promoting the launch of a new, distinctive and exclusive tourist product in the region: Hot air balloon tours.


> 11 April 2023

Alfândega da Fé

Santo Antão da Barca

Presentation of the event to the press with the presence of the promoting entities

Invitation-only event

26 April 2023 <


Alfândega da Fé

4:00 pm / 6:00 pm - Arrival and reception of the Portuguese and international ballooning teams (Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé)


9:00 pm / 11:00 pm - Baptisms in a tethered hot air balloon at the Municipal Stadium of Alfândega da Fé (limited places)

> 27 April 2023




06:30 am / 07:30 am - Hot air balloons free flight, Mogadouro Municipal Stadium

9:00 pm / 11:00 pm - Baptisms in a tethered hot air balloon, Mogadouro Municipal Stadium (limited placess)

28 April 2023 <


Vila Flor

06:30 am / 07:30 am - Hot air balloons free flight, Nossa Senhora da Lapa Sanctuary

9:00 pm / 9:45 pm - Night Glow show with hot air balloons, lights and electronic music at the Nossa Senhora da Lapa Sanctuary

10:00 pm / 11:00 pm - Baptisms in a tethered hot air balloonNossa Senhora da Lapa Sanctuary (limited places)

> 29 April 2023


Torre de Moncorvo

06:30 am / 07:30 am - Hot air balloons free flight, São Lourenço Viewpoint


9:00 pm / 11:00 pm - Baptisms in a tethered hot air balloon, Torre de Moncorvo Sports Complex (limited places)

30 April 2023 <


Macedo de Cavaleiros


06:30 am / 07:30 am - Hot air balloons free flight, Municipal Exhibition Park


9:00 pm / 11:00 pm - Baptisms in a tethered hot air balloon, Municipal Exhibition Park (limited places)

End of event

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The story of ballooning starts at 1709.  Nobody in the world had flown, although there had already been some adventures of candidate flyers. In that year, priest Bartolomeu de Gusmão wrote from Brazil to D. João V (King of Portugal), informing him that he had developed studies that allowed him to believe it was possible to build a machine capable of moving through the air...learn more, click here!


Experience the feeling of climbing aboard a hot air balloon

minutes on board in a static hot air balloon. Free experience that requires reservation. Limited vacancies.



Important information:

This meteorological information is merely informative and expresses the weather conditions in a given location, which may not correspond to the location / area planned for carrying out the activities with hot air balloons. For activities with hot air balloons - flights or static activities - several advanced indicators for professional use are used, which are used to confirm all operations in order to guarantee all the necessary safety for people and goods.

Mandatory requirements for safe hot air balloon activities:


Wind speed less than 18km/h (wind force2-3) upon landing;

Wind at an altitude of 150 meters AGL (Above Ground Level) less than 40km/h;

Good visibility;

Favorable hazy ceiling;

No showers within approx. 20km in order to avoid turbulence;

Absence of storms due to strong turbulence;

Absence of uninterrupted rain;

Meteorological limitations: Due to the medium-term impossibility of obtaining accurate weather forecasts, it is only possible to accurately predict the meteorological viability for carrying out activities with hot air balloons 2 days before and in some cases of atmospheric instability, only 1 day before of the operation.

Follow updates on activities with hot air balloons on this website or on social networks!


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Official destinations:


Partner entities:

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